Generic Repository Item Names

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Generic Repository Item Names

Post by lucio » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:49 am

I have to check several websites from several webservers.
All servers are running the same application but the repository itemnames differ a bit, e.g
repo.WebDocument_Web_Terminal___a.InputTagUsername.TagValue=... and so on.

Is there a possibility to handle that in a generic way.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Generic Repository Item Names

Post by Support Team » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:08 pm

lucio wrote:All servers are running the same application but the repository itemnames differ a bit
So all repository application folders WebDocument_Web_Terminal___A, WebDocument_Web_Terminal___B and WebDocument_Web_Terminal___a correspond to the same application; and all that is different is the URL to the application?
If so, then basically two of the three application folders are useless. Just pick one of the folders, edit the RanoreXPath for that folder so it does not contain the URL to the server, but some other attribute that identifies your application (e.g. the title), and your are done. Then this folder will work for your application no matter what the URL to the application is; you can then remove the other two WebDocument_Web_Terminal... folders.

See the following chapters in the Ranorex User Guide on how to edit the RanoreXPath for the folder: ... xpath.html ... ditor.html ... xpath.html

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