getting objects in a DirectX 3D scene

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getting objects in a DirectX 3D scene

Post by meissnersd » Thu May 23, 2013 11:00 pm

My company makes a 3D scene viewer. We have a lot of "standard" UI that is done as a .Net Winform.
Thats the easy part.

The hard part, and a big part of our product is the central panel which is a renderer 3D scene done with DirectX/C++. The user can click inside the scene, rotate, zoom, drag, drop and do many standard edit operations on the 3D objects. Thats the part we really need to QA.

But to most automated QA tools, the 3D scene is just "pixel soup" and the most that can be done with them is just recording mouse clicks with pixel offsets. Not real helpful.

But we know what our 3D scene is at all times. In fact we have a "snapshot" function that turns the whole 3D scene into an xml document at that point in time. We could stick that into the clip board for example...

If there any way for us to expose the 3d scene so we can take advantage of Ranorex?

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Re: getting objects in a DirectX 3D scene

Post by Support Team » Mon May 27, 2013 3:53 pm


I am not sure I completely got your question.
Which actions do you want to perform on your 3D scene viewer?
What would you need in order to perform these actions?
Can the coordinates of each of your printed "elements" be calculated using the XML representation of your image? If this would be possible you could try to perform specific actions on the "calculated" positions.
In general it is difficult for Ranorex to perform steps on a "scene viewer/image" when the 3D scene change too often since Ranorex has to compare the current scene with the recorded/captured scenes (images) of your scene viewer.