Hot Keys don't work

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Hot Keys don't work

Post by guptaravi2k » Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:52 am


I am in process of evaluating Ranorex and encountered a problem.

What I want is a very basic test and it doesn't seem to work. I am sure I am missing something because what I am trying is very basic.

AUT: web application
Browser: Chrome

At certain place my application opens up a menu on right click which has sub menu. I want to record click on an item on that sub-menu.

When I record though it opens up menu but doesn't navigate to menu item and hence doesn't open sub-menu.

Then I enabled hot keys(mouse move) as explained in user guide. But I can see when I press 'm' key on keyboard it doesn't do anything. It acts as if I no key pressed. I can also see there is no mouse-move action recorded in Recording module.
I tried it several times but it doesn't record move action of mouse.

Second problem, I tried to validate a tooltip using 't' hot key but it doesn't work. After enabling and pressing 't' there is no difference in behavior.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Hot Keys don't work

Post by Support Team » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:49 pm

Hi Ravi,

May I ask you to first post more information about the system under test?
Which Os version do you use?
Which Chrome version do you use?
Which Ranorex version do you use?
Have you enabled the Ranorex addon in Chrome?

Are you sure you checked the "Enable Hotkeys" checkbox before you pressed 'M'?
Have you already tried to manually create the test script, by tracking and adding the elements with Ranorex Spy and then to drag'n'drop it to the recording's action table as it is described here: manually-generate-a-test-recording?
To track a context menu you can of course use the <F12> key as also described here: Snapshots from pop-up windows, drop-down combo boxes or drop-down menus or by using the instant tracking functionality as described here: Instant Tracking.

I hope this will help you to solve the issue.