How to apply field dependent conditions ?

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How to apply field dependent conditions ?

Post by varun » Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:14 am

Hi Support,

In my application, several fields are there, and I want to apply certain condition on Check-boxes and Radio Options.
For instance, say scenario is I want to deselect a Check-box. Suppose check-box "A" is selected by default. So first I have to identify the current status of check box "A" that whether it is selected or not!! In case if "A" is selected then deselect it and if it is not selected then leave it as it is.

Note: Condition should work for all such scenarios.

Values for check-box will be provided in excel. Same is the case for Radio options. Excel is the data source for this test case.

Now, Please let me know -
1. How to get current status of these fields ? and
2. What value to provide in excel to select and to deselect the check-box.


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Re: How to apply field dependent conditions ?

Post by Support Team » Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:49 pm


Please take a look at the following links, there are some useful hints about this topic:
RanoreXPath – Tips and Tricks, Samples and Setting checkboxes to specific values.

I hope this will help you to solve the issue!

Ranorex Support Team