how to avoid controlnet11 on a 64 bit machine?

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how to avoid controlnet11 on a 64 bit machine?

Post by JayDee » Tue May 10, 2011 3:56 pm


we are still using ranorex 2.3.8 and we have some problems on our 64 bit machines (windows 7 and windows server 2008 r2):

After updating our testobject, ranorex is no longer able to reach our controls via the RxPaths we used before. Before the current update we had regular paths containing forms, containers, elements... now everything is labeled with controlnet11.

If we reduce the security level in the user access control or if we run our testobject in admin mode we don't have any problems with it besides one module (the main testobject). So we can use the previous RxPaths and everything is fine until we reach that one module and we are gone ... ControlNet11. We had some discussions with our developers and they use the same technology for every module so no difference between modules that run correctly (previous paths) and the problem module (controlnet11). You can see it as a mainframe at the beginning with a bundle of different modules who are executable from that mainframe and will run as an specific process independent from the mainframe. We can also execute our problem module directly (without mainframe) but that doesn't make any difference whether we run it as admin or with a low uac level.

Has anyone any idea what could fix the problem before we have to rebuild the whole repository (and its a bigger one)? What can be a reason that there is just one process which can't be evaluated by ranorex within the whole system?

Thanks so far and best regards from hamburg :)

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Re: how to avoid controlnet11 on a 64 bit machine?

Post by Support Team » Wed May 11, 2011 3:52 pm


Sorry for the late response. Could you please post us a Ranorex Snapshot of the entire application?
And you might want to consider updating to Ranorex 2.3.9.

Thanks in advance.

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