How to combine Ranorex with Telerik testing framework

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How to combine Ranorex with Telerik testing framework

Post by alpasie » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:14 pm

Dear community,

We have a quite complexe subject under test which uses multiple UI technologies. So far we are good and happy with Ranorex. But in future there will be more and more Telerik UI controls for ASP.NET AJAX.

After a long period of using just Ranorex to control the Telerik UI controls for ASP.NET AJAX performance and reliability are still below our expectation. Thus we startet to use the the Telerik testing framework (formerly known as WebAii). Since Telerik testing framework knows how to control Telerik Controls we found a solution that is much more performant and reliable.

Since we will continue using both Ranorex and the Telerik test framework I am looking for some experiences where somebody already combined both products.

Does somebody use Ranorex to define the test structure (test cases, test steps/modules) and uses the Telerik testing framework API within Ranorex modules ? How to share Telerik manager and browser objects across Ranorex modules ? How to organize the Telerik controls, since there is nothing like the Ranorex repository available in the Telerik testing framework?

Any solutions out there ?

Kind regards