How to convert snapshopt table to gridview

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How to convert snapshopt table to gridview

Post by rastek » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:14 pm

I have table snaphot and I want to validate entire table.

Ranorex web help documents have asection for that but it check rows and cells not entire table

I wonder if there is a way to convert snaphot table to a gridview and check that gridview directly with actual gridview from the table on the screen

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Re: How to convert snapshopt table to gridview

Post by odklizec » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:41 am


I'm not quite sure what you mean by converting snapshot to grid view? Snapshot is just a XML representation of UI and as you already found, there are two table-related examples in user guide, describing how to compare snapshot table with HTML Table and standard Table element. And yes, the comparison is done row by row and cell by cell. I can't imagine different approach? The table is just a group of cells. So if you want to compare one table with another, it must be done via rows/cells.

Yes, I agree that it would be nice to have a standard Ranorex action for comparing tables, mainly for people who don't want or don't know how to code. But in my opinion, such table comparison action would be pretty limited and would work only with "ideal" tables. I'm using Ranorex example for table comparison, and I had to implement many enhancements, due to the UI structure of tables controls used in our web/based SW. For example, many of our tables does not have text stored in InnerText of TD tags, but the text is rather stored in nested structure of HTML tags. So I can't imagine how the generic Table comparison table action would process that? :)
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