How to drag and drop in Ranorex?

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How to drag and drop in Ranorex?

Post by sunil.pandey » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:03 pm


Can anybody polease help me in understanding "How to drag and drop in Ranorex?"

Ranorex is not recording "Drag and Drop" event.

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Re: How to drag and drop in Ranorex?

Post by odklizec » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:23 pm


Ranorex of course records Drag&Drop operation, just not as a single operation, but rather as a sequence of actions (Mouse Down >> Move To >> Mouse Up). Depending of the speed of Drag&Drop operation during recording, it may happen that there are some other actions recorded between the D&D events. You may eventually need to change the mouse operation timings in Ranorex Global Settings.

In my opinion, instead of recording D&D operation, it's much more reliable to manually add MouseDown, MoveTo and MouseUp actions to your recording.

Please check for example these discussions about D&D: ... -t856.html ... tml#p15099
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