how to get the count of updating data list.

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how to get the count of updating data list.

Post by Shakib » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:28 am

Hi All,
I need to get the solution very urgent it would be appreciated if anyone can provide me the way to solve my problem as soon as possible.

My requirement is below:

My application has a text box and data list.
When user enter a text into the text box, datalist filters the list on the basis of entered text.
I want to know in how much seconds datalist is getting filtered or how much time is taking by datalist to filter.

I tried some steps but those steps were taking their own time to process then it is giving me the different time.
First i get the total count from data list then i was using while loop to checking the count is going to be different or not but in this scenario this while is taking their own time.
Do you have any idea how we can get the filter time or any refresh property of datalist?
Please let me as soon as possible i need to resolve this early.

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Re: how to get the count of updating data list.

Post by krstcs » Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:37 pm

This sounds like a performance test issue, not a functional issue.

Ranorex is a functional test automation tool, not a performance testing tool, so it may not be capable of doing exactly what you are wanting.

Having said that, you could use the WaitFor.Exists() in conjunction with a RanoreXPath object or repository object that represents the list when it is finished. This would give you the time from the text being entered until the list populates correctly.
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