How to integrat Ranorex with Jenkins

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How to integrat Ranorex with Jenkins

Post by Joker » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:45 pm

Hey folks,

I think i read everything about Ranorex -> Jenkins in this forum.
Still I have a couple of questions.

1. What would be the best practice to execute a job with Jenknins?
right now I start the jobs with Windows scheduld Tasks otherwise the job starts without GUI.
(you can see that the applikation and the TS runs in the Task-Manager as prozess and looks somthing like <Applicationname>*32)

2. For this, and I'm sure if point on is taken care of this wouldn't matter at all, the scheduld task executes always without error end I can not find out which test ended with status fail or success aslong I don't check the reports.

What did i try:

I executed the test with different users (Local User, Administrator,...)

I tried different approches with *.but and *.com files as well as executing the TS *.exe directly from the Jenkings job.
The only way it seems to work is with scheduld Tasks but i find this hard to believe its kind of a messy work.

I would be thankfull for any hints how to approche the problems i'm facing

regards Thomas

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Re: How to integrat Ranorex with Jenkins

Post by anja » Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:17 pm

Hi Thomas,

we had some similar problems with windows 7 systems...
If you are using win7 and starts the jenkins slave as service on your pc then the service runs in the so called "session 0". This is a new security setting within win 7 and all services under System account are started within this session "0". If you've turned on the interactive Service detection, then you should see a pop up, telling that something is started in background and you can switch to this interactive desktop where session 0 is executed.

Your tests started by the service are then started as well in this session and you do not see the tests executing. Within the reports all screenshots will be black as well.

Try to start the Jenkins Slave via JNLP (put the file to autostart or maybe start it using a start delayer program) and your problem should be solved if it is the same...

Another option would be to change the user for the Jenkins Service to your local admin accout... I'm not sure if this works because with this settings we had got other problems.

Hopefully I could help you...

Best regards