How to integrate Ranorex to jenkins

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How to integrate Ranorex to jenkins

Post by disastor » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:57 am

Hello :D
I'd like to Integrate ranorex to jenkins and i have 2 staff i'd like to check
First should only on the slave where the Ranorex automation should be triggered that Jenkins is not started as a service or on both master and slave
Second i'm working with JenkinsFile pipline and i'd like execute ranorex test from this script (jenkinsfile) but i couldn't found any solution any ideas

Thanks a lot :P

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Re: How to integrate Ranorex to jenkins

Post by odklizec » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:55 pm


In case you are not planning to run tests on master machine, it should be OK to have it (master) started as a service? At least I believe so ;) The service-based limitation should apply only on systems, where you wan to run your tests. Ranorex (any TA tool) cannot access GUI if the app is started from service-based environment.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with JenkinsFile. I'm not using pipeline (yet) ;)
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Re: How to integrate Ranorex to jenkins

Post by MichielV » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:00 am

Below is an example of the pipeline code I'm using. I have a variable with the script name (§{name} in the example, then
- fetch the script from source control (using svn here)
- update packages (optional - only needed if you use nuget packages)
- build using msbuild (make sure you have windows development packages installed and msbuild jenkins plugin installed and configured)
- run the compiled ranorex test using "bat" and the command line options, see ... ex-studio/

if you store the compiled versions, you could also create a simplified version just fetching the compiled test and running it using bat command with the command line options you need

stage(name) {
//get from SVN

//update nuget packages
bat "c:\\nugetCLI\\nuget.exe restore .\\${name}\\${name}.sln"

bat "\"${tool 'MSBuild15'}\" .\\${name}\\${name}.sln ${buildConfig}"

//run test
bat ".\\${name}\\${name}\\bin\\release\\${name}.exe /reportfile:${name}.rxlog