How to move project from one computer to another?

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How to move project from one computer to another?

Post by dugovic.milan » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:12 am

The whole project has been developed on remote-desktop computer and as to project itself it is data-driven so all the data (including the data sources) are stored on network drive. Now, I want to move the whole thing into my local computer (which I did actually with simple COPY/PASTE of my project) provided that everything will run smoothly as before. The thing is, that for some reason all my test-suits are blocked (displayed in report) and my console says my repository items can not be found. Aren't they part of the project-folder? Thanks
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Re: How to move project from one computer to another?

Post by odklizec » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:27 am


At first, it is not recommended to use network drive for data sources. You should always have all your test data stored locally!

At second, I would suggest you to use proper version control system, ideally, together with some kind of continuous integration system, to distribute tests between computers. If you don't want/cannot mess with Continuous Integration setup right now, use at least Ranorex Remote functionality. In any case, you should definitely use some kind of version control system, with which you should easily be able distribute all required files across multiple computers. Eventually, you can use following tutorial how to deploy tests: ... yment.html

If you still receiving an error, please post the exact error you are getting, ideally post entire Ranorex report.
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