How to select the item from context menu

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How to select the item from context menu

Post by subodh4u7 » Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:15 am

Dear Expertise,

I am facing one issue w.r.t selecting an item from context menu. The scenario is as mentioned below:

1. Right mouse button click on a row and a context menu appears where different elements are available (e.g. Fruits, Pets, Motors, etc etc..)
- The elements in the above context menu I am able to identify and able to add into the repository and hence no issues at all with this step.

2. The real concern is here: Left mouse button click on Fruits element in the above context menu and then there appears another context menu or popup menu or list in which i need to select one item. This list is scrollable as well.
- I am not able to add these items to the repository and getting error like The item no longer exist.
Kindly help me out for the concern as mentioned in the step 2.

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Re: How to select the item from context menu

Post by krstcs » Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:36 pm

You can use the Instant Tracking shortcut key.

1. Open up the menus to the desired location.
2. With Ranorex Studio or Ranorex Spy open, move your mouse over the desired element and press <LCtrl>+<LWin> key combination.

This should track the element that is under the mouse cursor and add it to Spy, or to the repository if Ranorex Studio is open.
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