How to test if the application maintained by CITRIX

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How to test if the application maintained by CITRIX

Post by srini » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:34 pm


1) My Application is maintained by CITRIX
2) When we are using Ranorex spy or any other testing s/w for Automation, It is basically hitting the Citrix surrounding
3) For all child applications/ Windows, we are receiving Class = “Transparent Windows Client” and Process name = “wfica32.exe”. Based on my understanding/ research this means the application is surrounded by Citirx and hence all automation software tools are not able to recognize child windows (controls) of the application.

Is there a way to go round this problem? please let me know ASAP.....

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Re: How to test if the application maintained by CITRIX

Post by Ciege » Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:34 pm

If you are trying to automate your AUT through Citrix (i.e. automation tool -> Citrix -> AUT) it won't work. No automation tool will work unless you do 100% X/Y coordinate & image based automation. Citrix basically just sends you a big graphic for what is being displayed.

What you must do is install the automation tool (Ranorex in this case) on the server that is hosting your AUT. Then you can control the automation tool through Citrix as you would any other application.
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