Identification of dynamic controls !

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Identification of dynamic controls !

Post by suddamalla » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:44 pm


I want to automate one wizard, which has few static controls and much dynamic controls. These dynamic controls are all of same, like when i click on one button, 3 controls will be added. If i again click same button, same 3 controls will be added again.

In SPY, it is showing only index value difference. Everytime i use spy, the index value also being changed.

How to handle this situation?

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Re: Identification of dynamic controls !

Post by Ciege » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:35 pm

First, search the forum... This type of issue has been discussed several times...

Second, try and determine if there is any uniquely identifiable attribute for the elements.

Third, ask your development team to uniquely name their controls.

Fourth, write some custom code that is able to determine which control you want to deal with depending on it's sibling/parent/child/etc...

Finally, post a RanorexSpy snapshot that contains an example of several elements that only differ by their ID number.
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