Identifies identifies different labels as the same

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Identifies identifies different labels as the same

Post by alina » Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:32 pm


I hav ecome across a problem that neds some help/investigation.

Basically, i have 5 different pages that have 5 different titles. They are all entitled differently,.
I created 5 different objects for these, but on record, it is identifying label 5 as label 1.
Its always identifying the labels as label 1.

I have identified the .innertext element i.e. this is what i am interested in.
I am scriptin as follows: If Login Page, (page 1) is displayed, then do this else, do that.. and so on
(i am using the titles.Innerproperty to read the page title is'Login' etc.
Please advise how to overcome this problem,

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Re: Identifies identifies different labels as the same

Post by krstcs » Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:20 pm

It would be helpful if you could answer a few questions:

What version of Ranorex are you using?
What version of Windows are you testing on?
What browser(s) are you using?

Can you please post the 5 XPaths you are using?

My guess would be that the XPaths are not unique enough, or that the first one matches all 5 pages somehow.
Shortcuts usually aren't...