IE problem after Ranorex Installation

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IE problem after Ranorex Installation

Post by rastek » Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:06 pm

We have this problem for a long time. In pcs that automation works on, IE does not to respond our tested app even manually, the buttons on the app does not respond, somehow tested app can not access IEs interface..

I am sure that Ranorex causes this problem because problem disappears when I uninstall Ranorex from the pc, and come again when I install Ranorex. The problem occurs even if I install Ranorex without IE extension et all. While installing Ranorex, somehow it changes something related to IE.

I am using Ranorex 5.1.3, but same problem was on with earlier versions too. Has anyone me with this problem ?

I've already read Ranorex IE recommentaions for IE, turned off any security feature from Internet Explorer settings but no help, as I wrote problem occurs even if even I install Ranorex without IE extension et al,

I hope some will help me on this.


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Re: IE problem after Ranorex Installation

Post by Support Team » Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:36 pm

Hello Rastek,

Can you please install our newest version and check if the problem still occurs.
If the Internet Explorer is not installed the problem is usually not based on Ranorex directly, but in order to analyze the issue we will need more information.
Is it possible to get access to your application and your Ranorex Solution?