Image Validation VS Different PCs

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Image Validation VS Different PCs

Post by Liam » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:05 am


I made some charts in MS Excel, and I would like to check if they were plotted correctly.

I tried Ranorex Spy, but it could not detect the "chart" as an element.

My second thought was to use the Image Validation Mode. This worked, at least on the same PC. But when I migrated the test to another PC, some of the validations failed.

I compared the screenshots from the 2 different PCs, and found that sometimes the difference was just displaying or not displaying "one single pixel" here and there.

The display settings on the 2 PCs are the same (resolution, color scheme, etc). I don't know what to blame for such a difference. the AUT? the video card? the driver? the displayer? or all of them? :? I really appreciate if some expert can give me some hint here...

I know I can set a tolerance to ignore this difference. But if don't, the only way seems to be migrating the test to another "completely identical" PC?


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Re: Image Validation VS Different PCs

Post by Support Team » Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:16 pm


If it's exact the same picture, there should be no problem to validate on different computers. Could it be that your control generate different pictures (only a few pixels)? One possible solution would be to check only a part of your image and not the whole image, if you don't need the whole. Or you use the tolerance from Ranorex.

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