Implementing Ranorex Project via Jenkins

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Implementing Ranorex Project via Jenkins

Post by manalitatke » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:02 pm


I am trying to execute my current project on Jenkins via MSBuild.

Had a couple of questions related to the same.

1. I am preferring not to install the Ranorex Plugin. Is it still possible to build the project.csproj using MSBuild and run the project.exe ?

2. I have Ranorex installed on the build server where i intend to run the build job.
On the blog i found this note attached.

What is meant by Ranorex main components?
I have installed the Studio and the Ranorex agent and enabled their licenses. But i have not transferred all the project files associated with that project on the build machine.

However, still i keep on getting the error as attached: Missing assembly error.png

Missing libraries.

Am i missing any particular step here?
Do i need to copy the libraries or any project related files on the build server as well?

If it is so, how does Jenkins and Ranorex solve the purpose of CI?

The same project is implemented successfully via command line, but the same path fails as missing assembly on Jenkins.

Basically, how do i get my project running using Jenkins on the build server with the Studio installed.

4. For SVN check -out, i am checking -out my project on a local folder and then trying to implement it using Jenkins.
The path mentioned in the assembly error is that of my local directory.
Is there any missing step here?

Please let me know.

ranorex main components.PNG
ranorex main components.PNG (72.89 KiB) Viewed 951 times
missing assembly error.PNG
missing assembly error.PNG (87.91 KiB) Viewed 951 times

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Re: Implementing Ranorex Project via Jenkins

Post by manalitatke » Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:57 pm


W.R.T my questions, these are the support responses:

The Ranorex main components are basically the assemblies you are missing on your runtime machine.

If you are using Ranorex 7.x or older, I would highly recommend installing Ranorex on your runtime machines.

This installation contains the main components and all web browser plug-ins (you can also disable them if you are not testing any web-based applications).

With Ranorex 8, we introduced a so-called GAC-less installation, which allows you to deploy your Ranorex tests without having Ranorex installed on your client machines.

To use this GAC-less feature, please open the Ranorex settings on your development machine and enable “Copy runtime to output”

This will copy all necessary assemblies to your bin/debug directory and you should be able to run the test on any machines that are connected to your Ranorex License manager.


Ranorex 8.0 only supports .NET framework versions of 4.5.2 or higher.