Improvements I'd like to see in Ranorex

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Improvements I'd like to see in Ranorex

Post by Aracknid » Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:24 pm


I love this tool. So easy to use and great support. But there are some things I think that it could do better, so I thought I'd write this. Others can join in and add what they want to see.

1) EnsureVisible doesn't always make the control visible. There are probably ways you could improve this instead of making us write code to manually scroll things into view. Maybe it could have properties to bahave differently depending on how you call it.

See: ... t3809.html
and: ... t2555.html

2) Select Tags are brutal to work with when using multiple browsers and trying to write code that works with it all. Especially if there a events on selecting the item. It would be great if you guys handled this on your end instead of making us write tons of complicated code to deal with this.

See: ... t3616.html
and: ... t3596.html

Those are my 2 areas where I'd love to see some improvements.



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Re: Improvements I'd like to see in Ranorex

Post by sauer-peters » Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:44 pm

Hi Aracknid,
Others can join in and add what they want to see.
I think this is not a good idea at all. Collecting several issues in one thread/ticket/topic makes it very difficult for Ranorex Support Team to track them and get back to you with questions and so on. Users will not be able to find topics if they want to check if others have the same problem.
And the subject of your post is not very helpful because its more or less the same as the name of that board. All topics we collect here are improvements we like to see in Ranorex.
Maybe you could split the different topics into different threads next time and write a subject that gives us an idea of what this post is about.
The worst thing other forum users can do is to add even more different feature requests to the same post.

But apart from that, I totally agree with your requested improvements. :D


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Re: Improvements I'd like to see in Ranorex

Post by Support Team » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:06 pm


Thank you for the suggestions. We are constantly working to make Ranorex better and easier to use and more stable. I added the feature requests in our bug tracking system. We will consider it in one of our next versions.

Ranorex Support Team