Inconsistent results while using ranorex

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Inconsistent results while using ranorex

Post by vengaishiva » Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:25 am

I am using Ranorex licensed version.I have been using this to automate my UI which is a winforms application. When i run my testcases individually,i am getting the expected results.But when i combine more testcases, ranorex becomes inconsistent and gives me different results at different time. This is really annoying. :oops:

I am running the test scripts through visual studio by including ranorex dlls. By the term inconsistent, i mean, sometimes its setting the combo box value correctly and sometimes not. And sometimes clicks a control and sometimes not and so on. Am not getting any error messages though. When i run the same set of test scripts under same environment,i get the probability of test cases being executed correctly is less than 50 % :x

Can you help me regarding this?

Siva R S

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Re: Inconsistent results while using ranorex

Post by Ciege » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:56 pm

It sure sounds like a timing issue...
Have you tried:
1) Properly waiting for your AUT to be ready before trying to interact with it? Make sure that the AUT is done loading and all objects exist before you test. If your AUT is web based, check for the readystate of the page before continuing. If not web based, check for an object to exist before interacting with it.

2( Surround your code with try/catch blocks that will catch any exceptions then log that exception to your test log so you can in face see what the exact error is.
If this or any response has helped you, please reply to the thread stating that it worked so other people with a similar issue will know how you fixed your issue!