Integrate Visual Studio and existing Ranorex tests

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Integrate Visual Studio and existing Ranorex tests

Post by barkha » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:26 pm

I know there are some threads on similar topic but I still couldn't find the solution.
I have some Ranorex tests already created for our desktop application. I am looking to create a code coverage report. I found out that you could integrate Ranorex and Visual studio. However, the example display how to add functions with ranorex capabilities.

Is there a way I can link existing tests ? Ideally I would do :
Start visual studio with code.
Run a function that call ranorex tests
Monitor code coverage while the tests run and then create a report.

Is it possible? Is there a better way?
I have read by NCOVER integration too but I want to know if it is possible with visual studio.

Thank You


Re: Integrate Visual Studio and existing Ranorex tests

Post by Vega » Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:00 am

It sounds like you are trying to use Visual Studio just for code coverage which is fine, but you may want to check out the below link first. Ranorex Studio is built off of Sharp Develop and there is a nice code coverage article here for Sharp Develop: ... Cover.aspx

And of course if you are set on Visual Studio then the below is a nice resource:

Have you tried to implement code coverage yet? If so what difficulties are you currently facing?