iOS Automation Start/Stop App

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iOS Automation Start/Stop App

Post by Mozzytm » Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:54 pm

I have contradicting information on this could someone please clarify?

The information given states i need to be in a debug session however mentions both xcode and itunes. Our developer first gave me a build deployed to the phone directly from xcode. This worked with ranorex until i restarted the device. This seems to suggest that debug mode is a one time instance.

The way we test the testers could take any device out of the store at any time and plug it into ranorex with the instrumented build (on android). Is this even possible with iOS or do i need developer intervention every time to deploy a build using xcode? I ask this because our developer has also supplied me with a debug ipa file and this behaves the same way as a restart (suggests i have no debug session)



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Re: iOS Automation Start/Stop App

Post by Support Team » Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:00 pm

Hello Mozzytm,

In order to automate the start and stop of your iOS Application it is necessary to put your iDevice into the debug mode. This will ensure that every function of Ranorex will work on your device. As you mentioned, the debug mode is only available till the next restart of your device. To deploy an application it is not necessary to put your device into debug mode, but it’s required to use the USB-connection. If you are using the WiFi connection it is only possible to record and replay your tests.
For more information about iOS testing please have a look at our User Guide by following this link: iOS Testing

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