iPhone-Testing with necessary Ethernet-Connection

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iPhone-Testing with necessary Ethernet-Connection

Post by Torsten.Kaehler » Tue Oct 19, 2021 7:27 am

Hello everyone.
I have a little challenge here. I’m supposed to test apps with Ranorex on an iPhone XR. In order to perform these tests, however, in addition to the usual cable connection to the computer, I also need an Ethernet connection. A Wi-Fi access point is not available. The creation of a hotspot from my computer is also not possible. I already have an adapter from Ethernet to Lightning. The iPhone also receives the desired IP address. I am now missing the adapter, which creates the Lightning connector of the Ethernet adapter and the Lightning connector for the connection to the computer. Do any of you have any idea how to solve this reliably? The commercially available adapters with two lightning sockets are intended for the use of audio and charge, which are not suitable for my application.

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Re: iPhone-Testing with necessary Ethernet-Connection

Post by tmcdoniel » Tue Oct 19, 2021 9:56 pm

With the exception of charging, I think you will be limited to using the lightning port to either for use with the ethernet adapter or tethering to the computer, but not both simultaneously. As you mentioned, all the commercial adapters are primarily limited to charging and/or listening to audio while charging. With Apple's intention of moving to USB-C connectors in future phones then perhaps there will be more flexibility at that time.
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