Issue - Ranorex Scripts run very slow in the Browserstack

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Issue - Ranorex Scripts run very slow in the Browserstack

Post by syedmahmed19 » Wed Nov 04, 2020 5:38 pm

Hi Team,

I heard of Ranorex support's the Browserstack... I am trying to run my scripts on browserstack on the MAC device(Chrome and Safari Browsers).
I see that script open the Browser and Navigates to the URLand also the page is loaded, But the other operation on the page is very slow due to which the scripts are failing. I am getting the error's like Element is not present. But at the same time when I run the scripts on my machine those are very fast. Can you please help me on this!!!

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Re: Issue - Ranorex Scripts run very slow in the Browserstack

Post by odklizec » Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:17 am


The major difference between running Ranorex tests locally and on Browserstack is, that when running locally, the tests are applied on instrumented browsers, with installed Ranorex plugins. Ranorex browser plugin make the automation not only possible (e.g. in case of Chrome or FF), but also noticeably faster (in case of IE). The tests started on Browserstack are running via webdriver technology. I'm not pretty familiar with webdriver technology, so I don't know how fast the webdriver is, compared to native Ranorex test speed. If your tests fail because of too slow execution speed, then you need to do some improvements. For example, you may need to improve xpaths for individual repo elements, use WaitFor actions as much as possible and try also WaitForDocumentLoaded action, at start of each recording module. Hope this helps?
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