Item not found while replaying a record file.

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Item not found while replaying a record file.

Post by vinaypoulose » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:55 am

I am running automated GUI tests on a particular product.

Clicking on a button named 'Next' on the main form of the product is the first step of every test case.
And once the test case ends, the application is closed and restarted for the next test case. The search timeout I have specified is 30s. The tests are developed on a machine with a developer license. The tests are run on a machine with a runtime license. I am using Ranorex

I have two failures that I see:
  • [1] When I run the tests continuously one after the other, some test cases randomly fail with the following error.
    Item 'ButtonNext_' was not found within the specified timeout of 10s.
    It is always in the first step of the test case (which as I have said is clicking on 'Next'). It is not consistent. It happens with different test cases each time, or rarely it never happens and all the tests go fine.

    Anything similar reported? Is it a known issue. Please let me know what I can do to avoid this error.
  • [2] Also, in the error, the timeout is shown as 10 seconds, while the recording file (.rxrec) as well as the repository file (.rxrep) file say that the element has a search timeout of 30s. I checked it through the Spy as well as directly by opening the XML files. Why is this happening?

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Re: Item not found while replaying a record file.

Post by Support Team » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:07 pm

First, please update to the latest Ranorex version 2.1.4, you can download the setup from here:

ad 1) It could be that a 10 seconds timeout is too small, indeed. That's true in particular for the first item searched on a newly started application, because both the application startup and Ranorex accessing the application for the first time might take some time.
What kind of application (MFC, .NET, Flash, Web, ...) is it you are trying to automate?

ad 2) Did you update the code after changing the timeout value? If you use Ranorex Studio, please make sure you saved the rxrec and rxrep files; that should update the corresponding code.

Ranorex Support Team