Java application with web page recognition

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Java application with web page recognition

Post by Joker3D » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:40 am

I am trying to recognize objects inside the Java desktop application.
While app is starting I can recognize progress bar and button Cancel.
When it started it displays Login dialog. I believe it is web-based. And I can only recognize the window itself (Form 'Login'), and it's subobjects: Element 'JFXPanel' w/o any subobjects, Menubar 'System' with subobjects, Titlebar 'Login' with subobjects.
The app is using JRE which is shipped with it in subfolder. I am guessing this is the reason Ranorex can't recognize anything. However I tried to set JAVA_HOME and PATH to that folder and it didn't help.

Meanwhile I am sure this app can be automates with Ranorex - other team members (who are currently on vacation and that's why I can't ask them until next of after next week) did it. And I have found some of theirs xpaths for login form, which however Spy can't find for me.

What can I do to allow Spy recognize objects?

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Re: Java application with web page recognition

Post by Support Team » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:11 pm

Hi Joker3D,

In order to help you in solving this issue we need more information.

Could it be that you have already instrumented your Java application with an older Ranorex version?
If so, please follow the steps described on the following page to disable the old Java instrumentation: Java AWT/Swing.
Furthermore, please install the new Ranorex version which is 5.1.2, because it comes with a more reliable recognition of Java windows, here is the link to the download: Ranorex Download Archive.