Jenkins Android Emulator Plugin

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Jenkins Android Emulator Plugin

Post by tvu » Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:32 am

Just wondering if any has used the Jenkins Android Emulator Plugin.

I download Android Studio and created a couple of virtual devices. I installed the Ranorex Service app and Rx Browser on each device. Then I happen to run across the Jenkins plugin. It allows you to run an existing virtual device or create one from your Jenkins job. Seems like a great plugin to use.

But, I am running into issues where it won't load the virtual devices that I have already created even though I specified the correct adb.exe to use. I then tried to create a new one with the plugin and it worked. The only issue is that it boots the device up each time. That takes several minutes. You can specify the plugin to create a snapshot, but it will save the snapshot one time and will reuse it. So this means I would want to install the Rx Service App and Rx Browser first before I tell the plugin to create the snapshot.

The problem is I can't seem to figure out how to install the RX Service app and the Rx Browser into the virtual device created by the Plugin. I launch AVD and I can see the device listed, but AVD crashes when I try to launch it. Seems like I can only launch the virtual device from the Jenkins job.

I know this isn't a Ranorex issue. I'm just wondering if someone has already used this plugin and can share their experience.