lets share some experiences with terminal servers

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lets share some experiences with terminal servers

Post by JayDee » Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:14 pm

Hey :) !

we use ranorex since two years now and while we use the same machine our need for performance is getting bigger and bigger.

May we can share some known problems...

We use a Windows Terminal Server 2008 r2, 24gb ram, quad core. Atm we are 3 people working parallel with 5-6 sessions that use ranorex. We could figure out that Ranorex needs more performance, if there are more sessions in use.

Our current main problem is, that Ranorex can't find some controls (elective), if we run more than one session at the same time. With just one session running, its absolutly no problem to run our testcases. Ranorex Spy also needs more time to find controls if there are more sessions running.

Has anyone out there some experience with Ranorex and multiple sessions on a terminal server system? How do you define your timeouts (ours are getting bigger and bigger with the time... )?
Is it possible, that Ranorex is not able to search for more than one control at the same time (if we have some sessions running and every single session is working with ranorex, will ranorex be able to work independent between all running sessions?)?
Is there anyway to manage a garbage collector for ranorex? Our test processes need more space depending on how many test runs we make.

Btw. we use Ranorex 3.0.5.

That's it for the moment! Thanks so far and i hope we can build up a little discussion.

Best Regards, JayDee