LineageGlue ‘qt_child_components’ Rule caused an exception

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LineageGlue ‘qt_child_components’ Rule caused an exception

Post by Parapluie » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:49 pm

Sometimes when I run my test I get the following exception “Lineage Glue Rule ‘qt_child_components’ caused AccessVioIation Exception on Execute. Attempted to read or write”. The displayed exception doesn’t break my test and execution goes on. I am using - Ranorex version - 6.1.1, OS version: Windows 10 64-bit and Qt platform application framework.

Could you please explain me any additional information about this exception?

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Re: LineageGlue ‘qt_child_components’ Rule caused an exception

Post by Support Team » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:43 pm

My first inclination is to think about Ranorex Studio (or test executable) running as the same user as the QT application. You can browse or search RanorexStudio.exe on your computer, right click the studio executable, and go to properties, and then the compatibility tab. You can then set the studio executable to run as admin for the current user or all users of the computer. I suggest all users running studio as admin. Then do the same thing with your application, and see if this helps the permissions issue. You also need to set "User Account Control" in windows to the minimum setting. Control Panel > User Accounts > in the middle of the screen there is a link "Change User Account Control Settings", and you will set the slider to the very bottom or minimum setting. This prevents windows from failing silently for lack of admin permissions which causes lots of issues while tests are running.

If you continue to run into issues like this after all applications are running as admin, then please send email to [email protected] if you are in a timezone similar to the USA, or send to [email protected] if you are in a more European time zone, and our support staff is ready and willing to look at your issue, and walk you through troubleshooting steps.