Linking cs files from one project to another

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Linking cs files from one project to another

Post by tsyingling » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:00 pm

Just upgraded from Ranorex 3.0.5 to Ranorex 3.2.2. In the 3.0.5 version when I did an Add Existing Item from one project to another and chose the cs file whether it was a recording or repository I would get the option to either Copy or Link the cs file. I would choose the Link option which would allow me to maintain the Recording or Repository in one project and it would automatically get updated in any other project I had that cs file linked. In the 3.2.2 version when I choose to Add Existing Item and choose the cs file, I don't get a prompt for copy or link and it just automatically creates a new rxrec or rxrep file in the new project. So instead of having one rxrec or rxrep to maintain and link to other projects I now have a copy of the rxrec or rxrep in each project I use the recording/repository. For any existing links for recordings/repositories I already have, they work fine in 3.2.2, I just can't create any new ones.

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Re: Linking cs files from one project to another

Post by Support Team » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:54 pm


Yes that's true, it is no longer allowed to link recordings to another project, because of several problematic reasons.
If you want to use a recording or other files from another project I would suggest to add a project reference, because if you edit something in the base project, the changes will also be adopted in the projects you referenced to, you just have to perform a refresh.
There is also a useful blog about such a topic, here is the link.

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