Load testing for Flash

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Load testing for Flash

Post by smalldoorman » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:46 pm

I saw finiq's post http://www.ranorex.com/forum/load-test-t1562.html about load testing but he was trying to test DB load.

I am wondering how to test multiple users using our flash game at the same time.

What we would need Ranorex to do (if possible) is to control anywhere between 5 to 50 accounts at a time. Each account will be on its own browser window (logged in all on the same server) and running simple tasks to see how our servers react and how the front end experience is mostly in terms of lag.

Is there a way to set up Ranorex to do so?

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Re: Load testing for Flash

Post by Ciege » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:45 pm

Do you want to do this all from the same machine or from different machines?

If from different machines you would need a license for each machine as well as some "over the wire" synchronization logic to communicate between the different test clients so they stay in sync.

If from the same machine since, by its nature, functional tests work through the GUI you would only have one GUI operating at any given time. You could have multiple, unique GUIs running but they would require serial access. I.e. Tell GUI1 to do this, switch to GUI2, do this, switch to GUI3 do this, etc... Not quite a real load test since the requests would not be coming at the same time.
If you know how to formulate your own Gets and Posts you can send those over the wire yourself circumventing the GUI. You can then write a mutli threaded test so that each thread would correspond to each simulated user. You can write a series of Gets/Posts to a few different text files or XML files (whatever you want) that simulate a real user traversal of your AUT. Then have different simulated users read different test files and send those instructions.
  • Be sure that you account for ramp up, peak usage and ramp down in the testing.
  • Make sure you have a test client that has enough RAM and processor speed to handle the multiple different threads.
  • Make sure you are a clean test network without a lot of other noise so that you can verify your calls make it to the server correctly.
  • Possibly add multiple NICs to the test machine and formulate you tests to use the different NICs based on users.
  • Etc... Lots of caveats and things to verify for doing any sort of load testing.
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