maintaining recordings

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maintaining recordings

Post by vnet » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:32 pm

All the folks using recording for their testing, I have a couple of quesions.
-How easy or difficult it is to maintain recordings?
-What do you guys do when something on the product side changes(lets say a bug got fixed), do you have to rerecord tht recording?
-Anyone who started with recording but later on used automation API, what was your rexperience?

Appreciate the help,
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Re: maintaining recordings

Post by krstcs » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:52 pm

While I do use the Ranorex Studio, I only use the "record" feature minimally, usually the first run, just so I can get a script to work with.

I find it easier to walk through my manual tests and manually add objects to the repository, then work those objects into the scripts I need for the test case at hand. I try to use Regex expressions as much as possible as well.

Also, my scripts are VERY SMALL. I like to make my scripts cover the smallest section of user interaction possible. This usually means fewer variables per script and more flexibility when dropping the scripts into the test suite.

Think of the scripts as if they are Legos... Make them small and atomic and they will be easier to build with.

However, there may be times when it makes sense to just record a quick run through of a product area and play it back. I use this when I need to demo a product, or a bug, repeatedly.
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Re: maintaining recordings

Post by IanF » Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:01 am

I came from QTP to Ranorex, one of the core teachings when I mentoring people was do not use the record tool to create test assets.
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