Map XRay test case to Ranorex test case

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Map XRay test case to Ranorex test case

Post by ramnath » Mon May 30, 2022 4:24 pm

Hello Experts,
Am at beginner level with Ranorex. I am struggling to understand how to map my test case ('TESTS') from XRay to a testcase (in form of recorded modules) in Ranorex.

From X-Ray I create test caseS (Cucumber Test type) and lets say TC1, TC2, TC3,TC4,TC5
From Ranorex I create a testcases in form of recorded modules for above 5 testcases and lets call R1,R2,R3,R4,R5
Now, I create a 'TEST EXECUTION' ticket in X-Ray and say TE1 and pulling test cases (only 3) as below:
TE1 = TC1, TC2, TC5

Now, intention is to execute TE1 via (Ranorex, Jenkins). Also, I want to trigger execution from X-Ray (TE1 in this case). How to achieve this please?

Basically how to map Testcases between XRay and Ranorex and how to trigger test execution from X-Ray rather than Ranorex.