Mobile and Rx Browser

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Mobile and Rx Browser

Post by riagarwal » Thu Sep 15, 2022 4:39 pm

I have connected my Mobile Device to Network and it says connected in Ranorex.
Insalled Rx Service and Browser.
Now, trying to run the first test case to launch the Rx Browser, however it is not doing anything any giveing me error
Cannot run XML-RPC

any Help
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Re: Mobile and Rx Browser

Post by IvanF » Fri Sep 30, 2022 4:44 pm

Hi, could you please share more details about the device type (iOS vs Android) and how you performed the instrumentation?

Two potential aspects to check:
- both the device with Ranorex Studio and the mobile one should be on the same network
- the versions should be compatible across Studio, Service, the mobile app, and the license manager