Monitoring solutions for RPA usecases

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Monitoring solutions for RPA usecases

Post by Ribbl » Wed Aug 24, 2022 10:14 am

Hey there

Aside from testing usecases we also use Ranorex for automating processes in production environments. We've developed over 100 scripts and usually we have about 10 running simultaneously, which causes some trouble trying to maintain and monitor all of them.

The scripts are built and distributed to employees, and they start these locally themselves whenever they need to, so we are not using remote agents or other form of remote execution.

Currently, we've built our own "live monitoring tool", which is a script that watches certain folders and whenever a new report is generated there (because someone started a RPA script), it starts parsing it and logs the current progress / status, feeding the information back into a database.

Using a script to monitor the windows file system and trying not to parse reports at the very same time as ranorex is writing to them is obviously a very hacky in-house solution we've come up with so I'm curious whether anyone here has a similar usecase of wanting a live overview of running scripts and how they might've solved it.