Multibranch Jenkins Pipeline Integration?

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Multibranch Jenkins Pipeline Integration?

Post by chriszzoo » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:09 am

Hello Ranorex users,

we building a web application and i want to run Ranorex Tests on each commit of a branch as part of the build pipeline in Jenkins.
I mainly have two questions i need to be answered...but first of all a short description of our setup:

We use GIT as a source control in Bitbucket and a Jenkins multibranch pipeline. Each branch created through bitbucket builds his own job in Jenkins and runs on its own server. Each commit of source code starts the build process in Jenkins. Each branch has its dedicated URL to his own web application.

e.g. https://gateway-SL-101.local.....

"SL-101" is the variable part based on the branch created to the ticket ID in Jira

My Questions:

1. How can i integrate the ranorex tests as a step in the build process for each branch?

2. How can i configure the ranorex tests to use the dedicated URL to the web application for each branch?

Maybe someone has experience with that and may help me! Appreciated.