Need details about Ranorex Licenseing

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Need details about Ranorex Licenseing

Post by Amit_Malviya » Fri Jun 06, 2014 4:23 pm

Hi Team,

I am from a QA automation team , which is looking for using 'Ranorex' for Test Automation. We are looking for some detail information about 'Ranorex' licensing.

1. Difference between features of 'Ranorex Run-time' & Ranorex Premium'.
2. We might need to go for 'Grid Computing' , ' Continuous Integration' , ' Simultaneous use between multiple user'.
3. Do we require license for 'execution of Ranorex scripts' on licensed machine after completion of script development? Or do we need to pay full licensing cost for the execution of scripts also?

Amit malviya

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Re: Need details about Ranorex Licenseing

Post by Support Team » Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:09 pm

Hi Amit,

The Ranorex Runtime License are meant to be installed on machine where the tests should be executed.
The Premium License allows you to develop the tests, this license also allows to use our Ranorex Tools (Spy, Recorder, Test Suite Runner …) and you can certainly execute your tests on the machine the license is installed on.

Please have a look at these links for detailed information:
Runtime License
Premium License

The Premium License is split into two "sub categories"
The Premium Node Locked License, which can only be installed on one machine and
the Premium Floating License. A Floating license can also be used only on one machine at the same time, but the license will be released from this machine when you close Ranorex and if no test is running. If the floating license was released you can use the license on another machine. If you want to use Ranorex on two machines at the same time you need two license keys.

Markus (S)