Need help finding an automated testing tool for a native mobile app

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Need help finding an automated testing tool for a native mobile app

Post by leonardsores » Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:35 pm

So, a little back story. I’m still fairly new in the software development community. One of the projects we worked on recently was updates for a company’s app (used by their customers on Android and iOS).

After we made the fixes, we found out they had no automated testing suite. Me and one of my coworkers have had to use a manual regression test this company put together years ago (yes, it was out of date for many things, there are a few thousand tests, and we had to figure out what had changed an what hadn’t).

Anyways, it’s been kind of a mini nightmare, but that’s the job sometimes. Okay, now on to my real question:

The company we work for is open to implementing an automated testing suite for the app. Obviously, it’s pretty ridiculous to run through these manual test anytime updates are made to the app. They actually use Appium to support their other apps. However, they estimate it would be 9 months, at least, to integrate it with the app we just updated. Needless to say, they want something that could be implemented more quickly, easily and cheaply.

Would anyone here know of some better options I could to automated testing for them?

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Re: Need help finding an automated testing tool for a native mobile app

Post by odklizec » Mon Dec 16, 2019 11:02 am


I assume you are already using Ranorex, or are you just found it? If you are already using Ranorex, you should give the app and Ranorex a try, starting simple proof of concept project. At first, try to instrument the app (both Android and iOS). Then try to create a simple project, interacting with UI elements. Just to find if Ranorex is able to detect the elements.

Realistically, If you are just starting with TA or Ranorex (any TA tool), and depending of the number of test cases, it will take you few month to deliver some reasonable results. And I'm afraid that words quick, easy and cheap contradicting each other :D
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