Nested Test in Ranorex TestSuite - is it a good practice?

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Nested Test in Ranorex TestSuite - is it a good practice?

Post by kshekharkumar » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:15 pm

Hi there,

Just trying to understand if adding Tests under Test is good practice or not. If it is not then what's wrong in having tests so.
I know it may be not give you right count of the tests ran but is there anything else that could go wrong.

I am trying to use for following scenarios:
1. Group together few modules and iterate through them with in a test.
2. Club together few tests form steps for a bigger test.

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Re: Nested Test in Ranorex TestSuite - is it a good practice?

Post by odklizec » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:51 pm


I would say that using this construction is not a very good idea. I’m fact, this is no longer possible since Ranorex 7.0 (creating nested test cases) and all nested test cases (from pre-7.0 version) are converted to smart folders. The difference between nested test cases (in Ranorex 6.x and older) and Smart folders (in Ranorex 7 and newer) is that smart folders are not counted in success/failure counts in Ranorex reports. So the overal functionality of Smart folders is identical with test cases, except reporting, which is different.

I’m my opinion, you should upgrade your old Ranorex version with most recent 8.2 and learn how to use smart folders, instead of messing with old test suite structure ;) It makes no sense using such old version. Aside the obvious problems with getting help and no more updates, old versions are getting technically obsolete and you may not be able to run your tests with most recent web browsers.
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