non child dialog are not identified during run

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non child dialog are not identified during run

Post by ahmedwaheed » Fri May 25, 2018 11:35 am

I am making test record for IBM Rational Rhapsody (a windows desktop application), and the use case include dealing with pop-ups that reads user input either by text or button clicks.

The application sometimes displays pop-up as child (blocking the application), and some other times non child pop-up(non blocking, in a separate form)

When dealing with child pop-up, ranorex recording works fine
When recording use cases including non-child pop-up, the pop-up is identified by spy, but while running the test fails to find the pop-ups although they have the same path (/form[@title='form name']) and the name is always unique

Kindly advise, how to fix this problem?

P.S : the non-child pop-ups are part of a plugin I developed for the application using Java, and the plugin should be considered as part of the application, the only issue is that the dialogues can not be displayed as child of the application window, but as I explained earlier, they're identified by the Spy, and their path is always the same and unique, actually sometimes the test case include dealing with a cmd window launched by the application and it is identified and the test can be run smoothly, so I guess these pop-up thing should also work,

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Re: non child dialog are not identified during run

Post by odklizec » Mon May 28, 2018 8:03 am


Unfortunately, there is not much anyone here can do or suggest without more details, mainly Ranorex snapshot of the problematic dialog (NOT screenshot!), exact xpath which should be found and error message you are getting. If the dialog is traceable by Ranorex Spy, then it should be found without a problem with test, unless the xpath for dialog is not unique or precise enough. So please, post the above mentioned details. If snapshot is too big, post it using a file sharing service like dropbox or onedrive. Thanks.
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