object identification with dynamic xpath

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object identification with dynamic xpath

Post by BTan » Wed Mar 06, 2024 11:32 pm

Hi fellow users ,

I have a desktop application to automate . It has lot of dynamic xpaths , which I managed to change around and they are all working.

There is this one particular xpath tracked using Ranorex Spy - which fails for new session of the application and If I track the element again , but don't save the modified xpath - the original xapth becomes valid for that session. Confused what needs to be fixed.

xpath --/form[@controlname='MainShellForm']/element[@controlname='rootSplitter']//element[@controlname='pgPatt']//element[@controlname='Panel1']/element[@controlname='panelEViewsContainer']//container[@controlname='panel1']//container[@accessiblename='NBL Episode Menu']//text[@accessiblename='Notes (WL)']

The part which is not identifiable is -//container[@accessiblename='NBL Episode Menu']//text[@accessiblename='Notes (WL)']

which becomes valid only after retracking one more time.

Application is developed using .NET framework v4.7.2. it is using winforms and can be run on 32 or 64 bit systems.

Ranorex is version 10.7.1.
Any suggestions please ?

Many Thanks