Object recognization problem

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Object recognization problem

Post by Rakesh123 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:40 pm


I am automating an application which has been developed in Delphi.

In Delphi we have an object as 'TVirtualStringTree' which is not recognized by Ranorex.

My scenario is like this...

In TVIrtualStringTree there are no. of Chkboxes.

I need to click on the particular chkBox.When I am trying to spy that object it is recognized as RawImage.If the object is checked it is recognized as different RawImage & when it is unchecked it is recognized as different RawImage.

So in my code I am first verifying the chkbox is checked or not by using the RawImageInfo property of unchecked RawImageID .So if it exists then I want to check on the particular chkbox.

Why I am checking for the Unchecked RawImageInfo becoz for the first time I am run the application the chkbox will not be checked,so I check the checkbox.

For the second time if run the application,it will be already checked.So if I click on the object it will be unchecked.I want that if the chkbox is checked don't do any operation.

But RawImageInfo property is not working properly.

Pls help me in solving this.If there is any other option other than RawImage it is more helpful as we want to minimize RawText & Rawimages in our automation.

Pls help me ASAP.


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Re: Object recognization problem

Post by Support Team » Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:42 pm

Hi Rakesh,

What do you exactly mean with "RawImageInfo property is not working properly"?
Could you please send us two Ranorex Snapshot files of your application, one if checkbox is checkd and one if it is not?

Ranorex Support Team