Object recognization problem

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Object recognization problem

Post by Rakesh123 » Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:08 pm


I am doing automation on andriod mobile device.

There is one screen where all the different languages will be displayed on the screen & beside the languages there will be
Up & Down arrow to scroll Up and down to select the language.

So the logic which we used is like this..

First we will navigate to the top of the screen and from there we will start verifying the language name which we want to

As the list will display 5-6 languages. at a time.So if the required language name is not found from the 5-6 languages
displayed we will scroll down by touching the 'down' arrow & then again we will start searching.

So this is the logic which we are using.

But the problem is after reaching top of the list,when we are trying to touch the the down arrow,
we are getting an error as down arrow object not found.We tried verifying if the object XPAth is correct or not.

But when I'm trying to highlight the object it is highlighted.

Can you pls provide other than this logic if any or provide me any solution to this problem.


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Re: Object recognization problem

Post by Support Team » Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:42 pm

Hi Rakesh123,

Can you please try to increase the search timeout for the element in your repository. Maybe Ranorex needs more time to find the element.
Is it possible to get your application in order to analyze the issue in more detail. It would help to better find a workaround for you.