OCR for text recognition in images DevExpress buttons

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OCR for text recognition in images DevExpress buttons

Post by mausan » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:54 am

Dear Gentlemen
we need to automate testing over DevExpress application implementation where most buttons are actually images.
Ranorex Studio is not able to recognize them as objects so we have implemented some C# libraries using image recognition concept: we look for specific image and we left-click on it once found.

Some of those buttons, however, have some text in them which changes dinamically, so we need to integrate the image search routines with some text search logic so that:
if the image has that specific text in it then click, otherwise continue search

Is there any OCR mechanism we can use to achieve that text recognition in the image under analysis?

Thanks a lot

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Re: OCR for text recognition in images DevExpress buttons

Post by odklizec » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:14 pm

Hi Maurizio,

I'm afraid, there is no build-in OCR functionality in Ranorex. Which means, you will have to implement your own OCR validation, probably by using some of the available NET-based OCR solutions.

BTW, have you considered using GDI Capture List, which often works also with DevExpress controls? The downside of this solution is, that it's not easy to use with complex controls (tables, grids, etc...). On the other hand, it's probably better solution (easier to implement) than OCR ;)
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