page navigation not working correctly on safari

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page navigation not working correctly on safari

Post by martinsw » Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:16 pm


I am experiencing an intermittent issue when running my automation (Ranorex v3.3) on safari (v 5.1.7)
My application under test is a web application consisting of an application bar at the top of the page. The application bar contains several links which, when clicked, navigate the user to the relevant part of the application. E.g. there is a "customers" link which, when clicked, navigates the user to the customers page within the same window.

The issue I am experiencing is that sometimes, when a link is clicked, the safari web browser does not navigate me to the correct page. Instead a new safari window opens displaying the same page that I am currently on. For example, suppose I have just logged in to the application and I am on the home page. I click the "customers" link in the application bar and expect to be navigated to the customers page. Instead, a new window opens displaying the home page. So now I have two safari windows open, each displaying the homepage; the customers page is not displayed at all and therefore my automation fails.

Maybe there is a problem with the href attribute of the anchor tag? Or the target attribute? As you will see from the snapshot, the href attribute of the customers button has a value of "javascript:void(0)" and the target attribute does not have a value.

I am not able to manually reproduce this issue. It is an issue that I only ever see occur when running the automation. The action performed on the link is a mouse click with a time value of 100ms.

Any help would me much appreciated? I have attached a snapshot of the "customers page" in my application.

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Re: page navigation not working correctly on safari

Post by Support Team » Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:19 pm


It is hard to reproduce this issue. Is it possible to give us access to your application?
Does it work when you use the Chrome browser?
Why do you use 'javascript:void(0)' without a value?

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