Path name is incomplete generated

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Path name is incomplete generated

Post by MM-P » Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:13 pm

I really like working with Ranorex in VS and the Repository. But sometimes when I can´t find out how to access sth. I´m trying to find it with the Recorder.
And also like the Spy it gives me a path which is not complete for me.
The AutomationID should be used always in the path. And I´ve to add in manually sometimes into the repository.

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And also the recorder don´t work sometimes with the automation id.

# 1 Time 00:00:000 Action Mouse Click Left 92;15 Item Name ComboBoxCbxSearchType
Generated Repository:
Item ComboBoxCbxSearchType - Path element/combobox
But it should be like this to be unique:

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Are there any options that automatically the automation id can be used in the path (if available). In my application I made a convention that a unique automation id have to be set.

If it is now not available can u fix this in the next release version of Ranorex, because I don´t like to set always manually the automation id in the path.

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Post by Support Team » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:03 am

RxPath generation has been fine-tuned for V2.1.0. This should also address your issue in most cases.
We expect to release the new version within a month.

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