performance issue with identifying objects

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performance issue with identifying objects

Post by rkarhe » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:40 pm


We are facing performance issues with ranorex w.r.t object identification.
E.g. On the login screen we have text box for username and passowrd.
So if we want to test the login case for 10 different users, we call the login method in a loop to iterate 10 times.
So for the first iteration we see that the login fields i.e username and passowrd fields are identified say in 2 secs, but for the next iteration it may take 8 secs or more. So we would like to know when we call the same method everytime, why should it degrade the performance.

We are using dom for object identification .

We also tried using form for object identification initially but then it was very slow, so we switched to dom.

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Re: performance issue with identifying objects

Post by Support Team » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:08 am


using the browsers form object as root of your identification also leads you to the same dom object as directly using the dom object but with a much complexer RanoreXPath.
Basically the search times should not vary from call to call.
Maybe you RanoreXPath is to general, which leads to a longer search time as there are many factors which play a role when using a to general RanoreXPath.
If so, try to make your RanoreXPath less general.

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