Performance testing with Ranorex?

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Performance testing with Ranorex?

Post by varshalokesh » Tue Nov 17, 2020 3:31 am

Our Project requires a Performance Test tool to run load tests on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2014 Application. The Application runs on a windows desktop client and uses TCP for Client – Server communication.
We are facing a challenge in identifying the right tool as all the available tools we have explored so far require http based web client for recording.
Can Ranorex can be used for our purpose. Can anyone please confirm?

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Re: Performance testing with Ranorex?

Post by odklizec » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:27 am


Unfortunately, Ranorex is not best tool for Performance testing. There is neither direct support, nor the license scheme is ready for this kind of testing. You see, there is no way to run huge amount of tests at the same time, simulating user load, and do this with reasonable license costs. Ranorex floating runtime license supports one user at a time. So in case you want to run even 10 tests at the same time, you will need 10 runtime licenses. And 10 users makes hardly any impact on SW performance? ;) So you will need much more than 10 licenses for reasonable performance testing ;) And aside of licenses, there are no performance tools in Ranorex, so you will have to write all code yourself.

As for network-based performance tests, you may look for something like Neoload. There is even "Ranorex to Neoload" integration article at Ranorex web. But the article is somewhat old and I'm not quite sure if it's still valid? Just give it a try.
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