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Please Read Before Posting

Post by Support Team » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:47 pm

Welcome to the Ranorex Studio Forum. Please read this document carefully before posting on our forums.

Please also see the Ranorex FAQ and the Ranorex User Guide for more information.

The following information of your test script/test system helps us to reproduce your problem more easily:

Detailed description of your system
  • Operating system (+service packs)
  • Ranorex version (determine the Ranorex version by clicking on the Ranorex logo in the Ranorex Spy)
Your code snippets
Please use the following syntax for C#/VB.NET/Python code snippets in your posts:

Code: Select all

[language=csharp] //code here [/language]
[language=vb] 'code here [/language]
[language=python] #code here [/language]
Upload a Ranorex Snapshot (.rxsnp) file of your application
Save the Ranorex Snapshot file as follows:
  • Open the Ranorex Spy
  • Track your application
  • Right click on the root element (form or dom)
  • Save by clicking "Save as Snapshot..."
  • Please ZIP your files if they are larger than 500KB
Kind regards,
Ranorex Support Team